Wanderer of Lifetimes
XEO - Oasis of Universe
by Tunahan Ihtiyar
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About the game
If one day someone told you that you were alone in the universe, would that scare you? But what would you do if he told you that there is more than one universe?
In a recurring universe, an interdimensional detective needs your help to stop the impending destruction. The Ancient King of the Green Pa Empire trusts Tanpa Xeo. Xeo has no choice but to trust you. Collaboration is needed to break the chain in this unexplored vicious circle. Because the war has already begun.
It doesn't matter if you like Alien, Dead Space, Lifeline and Zarya-1. You will love it!
-The most advanced text-based game logic ever created
-The right to direct physical and sensory control of the main character
-The longest multiple fictional story in text-based game history
-Fitting the fiction to the gameplay logic
- 20+ original stories fictionalized
-Direct contact with many characters other than the main character
-Real characters and 100+ visuals
-Organized scientific theories for many universes and dimensions
-One-piece adventure
-15+ orchestral music for each adventure
Providing guidance to the main character, who communicates via message in the game, within multiple options.
-Communication via message
-Multiple choice answer right
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